Madden 23

This game does NOT support crossplay. All players competing will face each other based on the platform that they play on.


Table of Contents

  1. General Rules
  2. Tournament Rules
  3. League Rules
  4. Join Discord
  5. Technical Issues


General Rules


1. Anti-Cheat

No additional anti-cheat is required for official matches. Cheating will result in an immediate disqualification and/or player ban. Players that are DQ for any reason are not eligible for refunds.


2. Match Procedure

Supported Platforms

  1. Xbox Series X
  2. PlayStation 5


Tournament Rules


3. Tournament Rules

These rules will pertain to Madden Tournaments run by the Zoned Out Gaming organization.


3.1. Tournament Type

We will host various tournament types depending upon the time of year it may take place. Some tournaments are run in a single day while others may take a few weeks. Please make sure to under the tournament you’re planning to register in.

    1. Traditional – These are usually completed in one sitting, a single day, this is your more traditional tournament.
    2. ProAm – Completed over a certain amount of weeks. Akin to seasons. Games are played and reported based on a weekly schedule, this allows a flexible schedule for players to compete. All games must be reported Friday before 11:59 pm CST.
    3. Flex – Games are played as matches are completed. Matches are scheduled between opponents and completed in a timely manner. 48hrs max.

3.2. Match Details

These details will pertain to Madden Tournaments.

  1. All games will be 1v1 matches.
  2. All matches will be a Best of 1 series.

3.3. Match Settings

All participants must agree on the game settings mentioned below. Please note that if you play a match to the end, you automatically accept it with all settings, modes, etc., and it will be evaluated. Even if a wrong setting was chosen and you play the match to the end, the match will be counted. You have the possibility to protest before the second quarter of the match is over to avoid this.


3.4. Game Settings

  1. Fatigue: On
  2. Quarter Length: 6 minutes
  3. Game Skill: All-Madden
  4. Accelerated Clock: 20 secs
  5. Weather: Clear
  6. Stadium: Home Team Stadium
  7. Teams: All current NFL Teams are allowed


3.5. Match Hosting

Remember that the team at the top of the bracket is the Home team. The Home team will be responsible for creating the Online H2H lobby and confirming the match settings. To play your opponent, you must invite them to your friend’s list.


3.6. No Show

Players must check in at least 30mins before their scheduled match. Each player has 10 minutes to show up to a match (i.e. schedule match start time + 10 minutes.) Not showing up within 10 minutes results in a default loss. The player that is waiting must report the protest to the admin.


3.7. Mercy Rule

If a player has a thirty-two (32) or greater point lead before the end of the first half, then that game is applicable to the mercy rule. If a player has a twenty-five (25) or greater point lead AND the losing Competitor has had at least one opportunity to possess the ball for a full drive in the second half, then that game is applicable to the mercy rule.


3.8. Protest & Disputes

All match disputes should be submitted in Discord if possible, but should you need discretion, please submit using the following link:


See our General Tournament Rules for more information related to dispute submissions (i.e. sufficient evidence, timestamps, etc.)


3.9. Tournament Results

The winning player is responsible for scoring accurate results within the Zoned Out Gaming Discord server. If you’re unable to report results please see a Staff member.


3.7. Mirror matches

If both players select the same team, at the end of the match, both players are expected to accurately report the match with confirmation from both sides. Also, it may be beneficial to screenshot your results.


3.8. Disqualification

As soon as both players are shown in a match, the match should be started as soon as possible. Intentional delay of the tournament may result in the disqualification of the player. If a player does not respond to invites within 10 minutes, the unresponsive player is subject to be forfeited from the match. There are no refunds for disqualifications.



League Rules


4.0 League Description

This is a simulation league. That means we strive to make the CFM experience as much like real NFL football as possible, while still recognizing that this is, in fact, a video game. With that said, we’ve established a set of rules that promote sportsmanship, smart team management, and exceptional play calling, while balancing user and stick skills.


4.1 League Settings

These are the current settings used for our custom league:

  1. Game type: Competitive
  2. Difficulty: All-Madden
  3. Custom Playbooks: Allowed
  4. Quarter Length: 9 mins (13-second accelerated clock)
  5. User role: Custom Coaches only
  6. 48 Hour advances: 9pm CST
  7. Fatigue: On


4.2 League Type

The following league types are available for play in the Zoned Out Gaming Custom League:

  1. Fantasy
  2. Regular


4.3 General League Rules

The following rules will govern play in the Zoned Out Gaming Custom League:

  1. Must Join Discord in order to participate in the league.
  2. Must be able to communicate with admins and league members.
  3. Must be ACTIVE and able to play games in a timely manner.
  4. Inactivity will result in removal from the league. Inactivity for one week results in a warning while two weeks will have you removed from the league.
  5. You will make the first 10 picks in the Fantasy Draft league with the rest of the rounds simmed.
  6. After team selection has been completed, please select your team role within the #team-roles channel. You’ll be able to @ mention your team opponent (i.e. @Cowboys) in the league chat or schedule channels.
  7. 48hr Advancement Schedule. We will advance the week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 pm CST. Advancement will await any reasonable mutually agreed upon scheduled match.
    1. Note: Please communicate any needed delays to the league admin.
  8. All CPU games will be skipped with FORCED Wins applied. If you’re matched up with the CPU for the week, then please consider it a bye week.
    1. Note: The Fantasy League may play CPU matches depending upon the number of players in the league.
  9. No quitting unless mutually agreed upon by both parties. Quitting without acknowledgment will result in removal from the league.
  10. Excessive pausing will constitute a warning if reported. If there is another violation the player will be removed from the league.
  11. Hurry up should only be used in the final minutes of a half or when trying to overcome a large deficit in the second half. Do not spam Hurry Up offense!
  12. FG/Punt block – you may not call either of these plays unless your opponent is actually punting or kicking a field goal. Do not spam FG/Punt Block plays!
  13. 4TH Down Rules
    1. You may go for any 4th and 3 or less on the opponent’s side of the field if you’re not winning by 15 or more (the 50-yard line does NOT count as your opponent’s side)
    2. You may go for any 4th down in the 4th quarter if you are losing
  14. Be Competitive & Have fun!


4.4 League Scheduling

To keep matters simple, please make an effort to reach out to your opponent to schedule your game(s). Should an opponent not respond within a timely manner (ie 48hrs,) then we will award the player who made an effort to schedule the game a win. Should any disputes arise, then we will require proof that scheduling was attempted.


Please attempt to schedule your games in the #league-schedule channel by @ mentioning your opponent team role ( i.e. @Cowboys.) Admins will deal with these on a case-by-case basis and will award winners at our discretion. Should you schedule outside of this channel, the following items will be accepted as proof should a dispute arise:


  1. Screenshot of the Direct Message Conversation
  2. Screenshot of the attempted scheduling



4.5 Trade Block & Approval

All trades should be viewable to the league. Trade conversations should occur within the trade block channel. After a trade has been mutually agreed upon, then you must take a screenshot, and post it to the trade approval channel for admins to review.


The Trade Committee will approve trades prior to the acceptance of any trade by voting on the screenshot in the channel. Once approved you may proceed with the trade.


4.6 League Team Selection Draft

The first season will have a randomized draft since all members will be new to the league. Previous members will be ranked in accordance with their placement from the previous season. New members will be added based on the waitlist and completion of existing members returning back to the league. Snake Draft will be our drafting method.


4.7 Trash Talking

Allowed but needs to be within the boundaries of the Discord server rules and guidelines. Please see #roles-rules for more detailed information.

Keep the personal disrespect at an all-time low!


Technical Issues


5. Technical Issues

Players are responsible for their own technical problems (Hardware/Internet).

Tournaments and Matches will not be postponed due to such problems and must be played.


6. Illegal Actions & Bugs

Any actions that allow an unfair advantage are illegal. This includes taking advantage of bugs in any way during match play.


7. Disconnection

In case of disconnection, both players must share with the admin staff screenshots with the message of disconnection within Discord. In the screenshot, the opponent’s nickname must be visible and legible, as also the last score that was kept until the moment of the unexpected situation.

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