Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


1. Anti-Cheat

No additional anti-cheat is required for official matches.


2. Match Procedures

Supported Platforms

This game supports crossplay. All teams competing in this tournament will face each other, regardless of what platform they play on.


2.1. Series Lengths

Matches will be played as a best of 3 series for the Regular Season, and a best of 5 series for the Playoffs and Finals.


2.2. Game Lobby

The home team will create the lobby and invite the away team. Matches will be played across various formats (i.e. 2v2, 4v4, etc.)


2.3 Maps

The following maps will be available for play in official matches.


2.4 Map Selection

The away team will ban a map from the available list, then the home team will choose one of the remaining maps to play for the game. You may not play the same map back to back.


3. Restrictions

Any Operators, Maps, Weapons, Attachments, Camos, Accessories, Stickers, Perks, and WildCards currently disabled in live play will be prohibited from use in official games.


4. Stoppage of Play

Each team may call to have a game map reset once per match if a connection problem arises, so long as the first round in a game has not been completed, gunfire is not being exchanged, and first blood has not yet occurred. If a game map is rehosted, the same map must be used. If problems persist with regards to a player disconnecting after the game has already been re-hosted, the team must play the remainder of the match with the remaining players.


5. Player Count

Both teams participating in a match must provide 4 players at the beginning of the first game, and 3 for each consecutive game. During a game, if a team should lose 2 players that have disconnected, that team will forfeit the remainder of the game to the opposing team. If a team cannot field the required number of players for additional games in the series, they will forfeit the remainder of the match. The same goes for the Gunfight Game Mode except the team must field a player should someone get disconnected.


6. Hosting

The Home Team Captain should create the Private Match. As the hosting Home Team changes over the course of a match, the new hosting Team Captain should leave the Private Match and create a new one.


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