Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II


1. Anti-Cheat

No additional anti-cheat is required for official matches.


2. Match Procedures

Supported Platforms

This game supports crossplay. All teams competing in this tournament will face each other, regardless of what platform they play on.


2.1. Entry, Rosters, & Sign Up

Sign-up dates are FINAL. The standard registration is to be whole and complete in nature. Rosters are to be turned in with all needed information and member details to expedite the process for Zoned Out Gaming as well as all needed monetary resources allocated to the proper avenues. Changes to the roster, while a Season is live, will be restricted to predecided dates and only those indicated extenuating circumstances. Changes amongst ACTIVE teams mid-season are strictly prohibited.


2.2. Season & Series Lengths

Our league season will include 4 major events with a 2-week intermission between them. Qualifiers and Majors will be a BO5 series and the ZGL Championship will be BO7. Our league will include a Grand Finals Championship tournament after the completion of the 4 major events. Points will be tallied based on match wins and losses, these points will be tracked by an in-server leaderboard. The Top 12 Teams qualify for the Major Tournament. The Top 8 Teams at the end of the season qualify for the Grand Finals. New teams are eligible to join any Major during the season to acquire points towards champs.


2.3. Pay Structure & Teams

Each major will include a team buy-in! Majors must include a minimum of 12 Teams.  The buy-in pot will be split into three categories: Major Pot, Grand Finals Pot, and a League Fee (ie Company and Staff.) After 4 successful major events, only the Top 12 teams will be eligible for the Grand Finals. The pot dynamically grows as more teams enter into the Major.


$40 Buy In. 12 Teams = $480


Major Payment


Grand Finals Total Pot: $820 ( After 4 Majors)


2.4. Owner/GM Voting Rules

Owner polls and voting will utilize the two-thirds rule (2/3) in order to successfully approve the voting requests. In a 12-team league, this means 8 votes will be needed, whereas, in a 16-team league, 11 votes will be needed.


2.5. Trade Protocol

Trades will be clearly documented and accepted by all involved Team Leaders and the overseeing Game Admins. Substitutions will be limited to those within active roster lists. Any members added to the list within the season will be unavailable for playtime in the Blood Money Division until the conclusion of said season. Members are allowed and encouraged to play within the Academy Division.


2.6. Game Lobby

The home team will create the lobby and invite the away team. Matches will be played across various formats (i.e. 2v2, 4v4, etc.)


2.7 Maps & Modes

The following maps and modes will be available for play in official matches. Other game modes may be added or changed upon the official release of the game.



2.8 Map Selection

See the official Online Veto Process from Activision. This will determine the map selection and host process. Map bans must start on the day that the match was scheduled between GM’s.


3. Restrictions

Any Operators, Maps, Weapons, Attachments, Camos, Accessories, Stickers, Perks, and WildCards currently disabled in competitive play will be prohibited from use in official games.


3.1 Gentlemen’s Agreement

We will use the latest Gentlemen’s Agreement available to the public. Any agreement changes or restrictions agreed upon by the Pros will be utilized for official league matches. You can find the latest GA reference within GA Discord channel.


3.2 Broken GA’s

If the GA is broken during the match, then the affected team must leave the lobby and declare a broken GA at its first instance to the COD Admin. The game will be stopped and the offending team will need to resolve the broken GA. Depending on the map mode, the match will either be reset or replayed as detailed in the current CDL Handbook – Section. 6.10.


3.2.1 Hardpoint

The round will be replayed if the GA was broken prior to the first rotation of all objectives. If broken after the first rotation of all objectives, then the offending team forfeits the round.


3.2.2 Search & Destroy

If a Player breaks GA within the first thirty (30) seconds and/or before the first kill, the round should be ended and replayed.


3.2.3 Control

The round will be replayed if the GA was broken prior to control of the first segment. If broken after control of the first segment, then the offending team forfeits the round.


3.3 Punishment for breaking the Gentlemen’s Agreement

Teams will be penalized for breaking the Gentlemen’s Agreement. COD Admins will be tallying any offense and giving out the following punishments for obstruction.


1st Offense – Team Warning (applicable to new Teams only. Existing Teams are no longer warned following a completed Major.)

2nd Offense – Map Loss

3rd Offense – Series Loss


4. Stoppage of Play

Stoppage of play will be determined as set in the current CDL Handbook. Section 6 – Page 28.


4.1 VOD Review

VOD reviews must be called prior to the next scheduled match. The GM must notify the admin within the scheduled match channel about the request. Please give the admin time to sort your request.


5. Player Count

Both teams participating in a match must provide 4 players at the beginning of the first game, and 3 for each consecutive game. During a game, if a team should lose 2 players that have disconnected, that team will forfeit the remainder of the game to the opposing team. If a team cannot field the required number of players for additional games in the series, they will forfeit the remainder of the match. The same goes for the Gunfight Game Mode except the team must field a player should someone get disconnected.


6. Hosting

The Home Team Captain should create the Private Match. As the hosting Home Team changes over the course of a match, the new hosting Team Captain should leave the Private Match and create a new one.


6. 1 No Show

Players must check in at least 30mins before their scheduled match. Each Team has 10 minutes to show up to a match (i.e. schedule match start time + 10 minutes.) Not showing up within 10 minutes results in a default map loss. Every 15mins after it’s a map lost until it is scored in the favor of the available team. The player that is waiting must report the protest to the admin.


6. 2 Gun Checks

Teams must be in their VC and ready to complete their gun checks 15mins prior to the scheduled match. Should your team be running late, then please make sure to notify an admin.


6.3 Scheduling

You may only reschedule matches 4hrs in advance. You may only reschedule your match ONCE outside of emergencies ONLY. Monday will be used for makeup scheduled matches. If a scheduled match cannot be agreed upon then please reach out to @COD Admin.


7. Refund Policy

A refund will NOT be issued if any of the following was the cause of removal or applicable:

Should a team wish to appeal for a refund and none of the above are applicable, then they must start a claim with one of the Game Admins in the server. Should an individual be removed from a team and wish for a refund, then the refunding responsibility falls upon the TEAM. Gift cards and various rewards are to be accepted as is. They cannot be exchanged or traded for other forms of currency and/or other prizes. Plan accordingly when participating in Open Events.

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