Modern Warfare II League Registration

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General Manager,

Please fill out the required details in order to properly register your team for our Modern Warfare 2 League.


Your teammate(s) must join our discord server. If new, join our Discord and introduce yourself!


If the league you’re registering for doesn’t require an entry fee, then simply fill out the form below.


If the league you’re registering for requires an entry fee, then please see the shop when applicable.


Please make sure you read the League Rules before registration and make sure you sign the League Contract afterward. Failure to sign the contract will result in an incomplete registration. Please sign the contract HERE.


Also, feel free to ping @COD Game Admin in our Discord for additional assistance.


ZGL Blood Money Season Schedule

Major 1: Dec. 2nd – Jan. 21

Major 2: Feb. 3rd – Mar. 11

Major 3: Mar. 24 – April 29

Major 4: May 12 – June 17

ZGL Championship: June 30 – July 15


Note: You will not be admitted into a paid league without having purchased a ticket.


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