ZGL Blood Money Major 2 Team Ticket


This ticket will gain your team entrance into our MW2 Blood Money Major 2 event. Please reach out to the Staff for any inquiries. See Description for more details.

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The ZGL Blood Money Major 2 Qualifier will run Feb 3rd – Mar. 11th

Group Stage Format. 3-4 Round Qualifier. Flex Schedule. Weekly Matches.


  • Round 1: Feb. 3rd-5th
  • Round 2: Feb. 10th-12th
  • Round 3/4: Feb. 17th-20th


The ZGL Major 2 Tournament will run Feb. 24th – Mar. 11th

CDL Format. Double Elimination. Split bracket.


  • Round of 12: Feb. 24th-26th
  • Quarterfinals: Mar. 3rd-5th
  • Semifinals: Mar. 10th
  • Major 2 Championship: Mar. 11th


Game Rules

During qualifiers, each team must compete and score their matches each week before the Sunday 11:59 am CST deadline that weekend.


Click Here for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Game Rules.


Prize Pool

See MW2 Game Rules section 2.3 Pay Structure & Teams for the Prize Pool League breakdown. Each team will pay $40 for entrance into the Major. A portion of the prize pool is set aside for our Grand Finals at the end of the season. Each Major does include a payout.


Total Prize Pool: $205 (12 Teams)

  • 1st Place – $100
  • 2nd Place – $75
  • 3rd Place – $30


Registration & Operations


In order to compete, you must join our Discord server to register, all entry fees must be paid for entrance into this Major!


Join our Discord from the home page on the website or by clicking here.



Entry fees will be refunded should you pay and back out before the deadline.

A refund will NOT be issued if any of the following was the cause of removal or applicable:

  1. Cheating/Hacking
  2. Flagrant Rule Breakage
  3. Removal from Continued Harassment/Disruptive Behavior
  4. Less than 72 Hrs. from Season Start
  5. Team Withdrawal from League/Tournament/Event


Should a team wish to appeal for a refund and none of the above are applicable, then they may start a claim with one of the Game Admins in the server.


Should an individual be removed from a team and wish for a refund then the refunding responsibility falls upon the TEAM.


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