Team Registration Deadline Oct. 27th


The ZGL will start on Nov. 1st and end on Nov. 26th


Final Results will be posted Oct. 27th- 28th


Tournament Game Rules


The tournament will run for 4 weeks. Each team must compete and report their matches each week before the Friday deadline. At the end of the month, we will crown a champion! Active leaderboards will be kept.


Game Mode: Quads


Click Here for the Warzone Kill Race game rules.


Prize Pool


1st Place – $100


2nd Place –  $40


3rd Place – $20


Registration & Operations


The Team Captain and teammate(s) must join our Discord server in order to compete, your team must be registered with all entry fees paid for entrance into this tournament! Please make sure to coordinate your team name with your Team Captain.


Register your Team HERE.


You MUST have teammates in order to participate in the tournament. We will not accept any solo signups for this tournament. If you do not have a partner, then please use our Discord LFG channel to find one.


Join our Discord from the home page on the website or by clicking here.



Register your Team and join the ZGL Warzone Fall Classic today!

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