ZGL Blood Money – Majors 2

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Registration ONLY

Entry Fee: $40/Team


The ZGL Blood Money Major 2 Qualifier will run Feb. 1st – Feb. 18th


Swiss Format. 3-4 Round Qualifier.

Round 1: Week of Feb. 3rd-4th

Round 2: Week of Feb. 10th-11th

Round 3: Week of Feb. 18th-20th (x2 Games)


The ZGL Major 2 Tournament will run Feb. 24th – Mar. 11th


Double Elimination.

Round of 12: Week of Feb. 24th-25th

Quarterfinals: Week of Mar. 3rd-4th

Semifinals: Week of Mar. 10th

Major 2 Championship: Week of Mar. 11th


Game Rules


During qualifiers, each team must compete and score their matches each week before the Sunday 11:59 pm CST deadline.


Click Here for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Game Rules.


In order to compete, you must join our Discord server to register, all entry fees must be paid by Feb. 1st for entrance into this Major!


Join our Discord from the home page on the website or by clicking here.


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