Time & Location




Game Rules


Progressive Prize Pool


Registration and Operations

The Team Captain and teammate(s) must join our Discord server in order to compete, your team must be registered with all member entry fees paid for entrance into this tournament! Please make sure to coordinate your team name with your Team Captain.


The Team Captain can pay for all tickets or each member may purchase for themselves. Please make sure to fill out any additional information that may be needed depending upon how your team decides to register. Without this additional information, it will make it harder to confirm your team registration. Please help us out here!


You MUST have teammates in order to participate in the tournament. We will not accept any solo signups for this tournament. If you do not have a partner, then please use our Discord LFG channel to find one.


Join our Discord from the home page on the website or by clicking here.



Entry fees will be refunded should a tournament not meet the minimum requirements.


Note: This tournament will be the BO3 single elimination. See our Game Rules for further information.


Register by purchasing Tickets for your Team below!


$5 Per Person!



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